777 unique explorations of well traveled Mindfolk.



There’s magic in their pipes, and more ideas in their minds! Having left their over-populated lands in search of greener shores, what could have been a brutal end was actually a blessed destiny for 777 hatted individuals known as the Mindfolk.

In this new land, where trees extend thick beyond the horizon, the Mindfolk set-out to introduce new architectural structures. However, developing skills require rigorous training in order to join the ranks of their Lumberjack and Carpenter forefathers.

Lumberjacks are built different. Through their forefathers’ wisdom they learned to respect nature, only seeking-out the strongest trees that have lived the longest lives. Churning soil to rejuvenate the earth under those they cutdown, and planting seeds in opened areas to replace what they’ve taken, they’re ethical and integral in the life-cycle of both their community and the forest. Brothers to the Carpenters, it’s their role to provide the wood destined to become structures of distinctive architecture.

Carpenters rely on the Lumberjacks for wood provided. With an endless flow of ideas coming through their inspired minds, there’s no limit to what they can and will create. Their laughter fills the forest, accompanied by clinking beer-mugs and merry mushroom-inspired madness as they saw, chop, sand, combine and polish works of wooden architecture not seen anywhere else in the world.



The Mindfolk founders have finally gathered, and now await the call to enter the Workshop. Here they will part with their assets in order for the Forest Spirits to determine their roles, for which they’ll be trained, a process that will take approximately seven days.



$WOOD is a utility token that is the lifeblood of the Mindfolk ecosystem . $WOOD can be saved and redeemed for future collections and other creative developments. 1 $WOOD = 1 $WOOD

THE $WOOD from the trees in the Forest of the Coppice Kingdom are as magical as the forest itself.

770 Delisted Mindfolk will earn 10 $WOOD a day - with no skills

385 Mindfolk are  Lumberjacks

Lumberjacks earn 13 $WOOD a day

50% of all $WOOD is for chopping. Get chopping

New collections =
20% $WOOD

LP Incentives =
20% $WOOD

Reserves =
10% $WOOD

Tokens spent on Building will be burnt



The goal is to accumulate $WOOD to build structures. Owning a structure means higher yields of $WOOD and access to community utility in a shared economy.

Step 1


Delist your NFT to accumulate $WOOD. Remember to train Mindfolk first.

Step 2


Stake your NFT for a period of time to build.

 Building requires 1 Mindfolk but no more than 2 Mindfolk may build a single building.

Lumberjacks Get 30% more wood


Carpenters Build 2X faster


Cabin Building

Required accumulation

1200 $Wood

Time required to build

1.5-6 weeks

Surfboard Building

Required accumulation

100-180 $Wood

Time required to build

3-6 days

Boat Building

Required accumulation

2222 $Wood

Time required to build

3-12 weeks



Boats allow the Mindfolk to travel to new and distant lands in order to find spores. It's not all smooth sailing though. Voyages are filled with dangers that affect your probability of finding spores. Take your spores back to cabins to investigate what they are and if they may evolve into something special...


Who are we?

An experienced multi-chain team.

Should I join?

As this is an elaborate art project, we suggest that you only join if you love the art. Please don’t mint if this is not for you. We understand this is not for everyone and we want holders to be like “minded”. 

Why are you keeping 77 MindFolk aside?

70 Mindfolk will be kept for the team, promotions and collaborations. 7 1:1 and highly skilled Mindfolk will be auctioned.

Exclusive community?

Yes, mindful members only.


Art creation

Microdrop of the art

Release Rarity

Implement Sales bots

Get @Founders verified

Build a mindful community

Chop and accumulate $WOOD

Learn Skills in the workshop

1/1 Mindfolk Auctions


More art...