Skills allow the Mindfolk to improve their abilities in various fields, including that of resource accumulation and speed of building/production. The first skills to be learnt are that of a Lumberjack and a carpenter. Skills take approximately 7 days to learn and if a Mindfolk is listed during that period, they have to start again. Skills are free to learn.

Lumberjacks receive 30% more wood


Carpenter builds twice as fast


Both lumberjacks and carpenters are 100% fulfilled.

new skills...tbd


An untrained Mindfolk yields 10 $WOOD per day while a trained lumberjack yields 13 $WOOD per day, if you get a carpenter it's still 10 $WOOD per day but a carpenter is an efficient builder and can build twice as fast. There are also 7 legendary Elderfolk that yield 26 $WOOD per day and have the building skills of 2 carpenters. Elderfolk do not stack with carpenters. i.e. you can't combine an Elderfolk with a carpenter. Also, the Elderfolk can't be placed into cabins.
There are various outside utilities for $WOOD in the pipeline starting with an art focused marketplace, an art e-commerce store for real life art starting with Jurgens. We will also have an e-commerce store for merch and future mints in $WOOD.


You will be able to build various architectural structures as we grow the Coppice Kingdom. The first two known structures are that of cabins and that of boats. Building is an independent activity; Mindfolk are unable to build and rent or build and go on voyages simultaneously. They can also only build one structure at a time. If a Mindfolk that is busy building gets listed during their building time, they will lose their progress and all the $WOOD required to build. The only exception is if you have started building but the collection is built out before you complete your build (for example, someone using a faster means to build, such as 2 carpenters) - this will result in a refund of the $WOOD.


A cabin can be built with 1200 $WOOD and there is a maximum supply of 333 cabins. All the cabins are unique and will exist on various plains within the Coppice Kingdom. There is no limit on how many cabins may be built with a single wallet, however, you do require a Mindfolk to build. It will be a separate collection - trade-able on a marketplace immediately after being successfully built. Building of cabins will take 6 weeks for 1 lumberjack, 3 weeks for 1 carpenter, and 2 carpenters/ 1 Elderfolk would need only 1.5 weeks. A maximum of 2 carpenters can build a single cabin at a time and Elderfolk cannot be stacked with carpenters. Once you commit to the building process, you will lose your $WOOD if you stop building. While building, Mindfolk belong to the workshop and cannot occupy their cabins. All cabins have 4 rooms, unless otherwise stated.


Boats will require 2222 $WOOD to build with a maximum supply of 222 boats. There is no limit on how many boats may be built with a single wallet, however, you do require a Mindfolk to build. All boats will have a unique design and will be trade-able on a marketplace immediately after being successfully built. Building of boats will take 12 weeks for 1 lumberjack, 6 weeks for 1 carpenter and 2 carpenters would need only 3 weeks (Elderfolk too). Only 2 carpenters can build at a time and Elderfolk cannot be stacked with carpenters. Once you commit to the building process, if you stop, you will lose your $WOOD. While building, Mindfolk belong to the workshop and cannot occupy a cabin or Boat. All boats have 3 seats, unless otherwise stated.



The purpose of the Elderfolk Forest Spirits is to keep a watchful eye over the Coppice Kingdom and its inhabitants. These seven great beings - wise spirits existing in animal form within the multiverse – have guarded the trees, the land and the sky since time began. They represent the consciousness of the Mindfolk and as a result earn double $WOOD - 26 per day and can build at the speed of 2 carpenters. Their omnipotence carries throughout time and will result in no further training and optimised efficiencies throughout the Mindfolk journey.

Elderfolk will also play a pivotal role in the growth and direction of the Mindfolk journey, working closely with the Pioneers and Guardians. Every Elderfolk will receive their original sketch and a signed print and become a valued member of the Mindfolk family for all time.

Mythical Cabins


These community structures will be retained separately by four of the Mindfolk, via auction, who will take ownership of and responsibility for the premises and its upkeep. The owners of the mythical cabins will receive a portion of the $WOOD which is accumulated by these cabins. (these portions will vary according to the utility of each community cabin).
The Joinery - 5.55% of $WOOD proceeds.
Folk Affairs 11.11% $WOOD proceeds.

Dukes of Folktown Surfboards

The Dukes of Folktown collection size is 555 and the $WOOD required to build increases with every 111 surfboards, as below:

1st 111 - 100 $WOOD

2nd 111 - 120 $WOOD

3rd 111 - 140 $WOOD

4th 111 - 160 $WOOD

5th 111 - 180 $WOOD

Building time for carpenters is 3 days (max 1, cannot be stacked) and for lumberjacks it’s 6 days. Surfboard owners will gain access to the the Dukes of Folktown Surf and Skate club, having their own private chat channel in the Mindfolk Discord. Including surfboards in a Boat voyage will increase the chances of having a successful trip.


Discover 10 unknown islands to find spores by using exploratory voyages first. Once you find an island, anyone can do a ferry voyage to that island to find the remaining spores. Both voyage types must have boats filled with 3 fellow sailors. 3 different outcomes may occur when searching for islands. Some lead to success and others to failure. If Sailors have surfboards attached to them, voyage success improves.

Gettin' started

  • The Boat must have all 3 slots occupied by a Mindfolk Sailor before they set sail.
  • Any sailor is free to join any boat. But Boat owners can kick you out before the voyage begins. Discuss and confirm your spots with your Boat owners before hand - #voyages
  • Sailors need to pay the wood cost upfront which remains in escrow until the voyage ends.
  • If a sailor is kicked out, or leaves before the voyage, their $WOOD is refunded. But the sailor doesn’t receive any rewards.
  • Boat owners may kick unwanted sailors off their boats before the voyage begins.
  • The boat owner can use all their own Mindfolk, as long as they pay port fees, the voyage may begin.
  • Boat owners do not pay any port fees, sailors pay for this.
  • The system does not currently allow for more fees than the required port fees

Voyage Types

There are two types of Voyages. Exploratory voyages leads you to find new islands. Ferry voyages take you to these new islands. The cost and rewards differ.

Exploratory voyages


7 days

Port fees

400 $WOOD per MF

Ferry voyages


4 days

Port fees

200 $WOOD per MF

Faster Ferry voyages coming soon

  • Ferry voyages will only begin after the first exploratory voyages have been successful. 7 days from when Voyages begin.
  • You can still start exploratory voyages during this time. These earn double rewards when compared to a Ferry voyages. Even if you are not the first boat to the island.
  • Being the first to set sail does not guarantee you will be there first to the islands. Some who start after the first day may still be the first to find an island.
  • The boat owner decides when the voyage begins, as long as all 3 spots are full.

Rewards / bounties

The bounties you will receive after a voyage will be glorious spores but come with risks. Pay attention traveller. The probability of a successful / break even / failed voyage happens once you set sail. Boat owners' boats act as a “sailor” and receives the rewards of every other sailor. Unless your'e lucky enough to discover a new island.


There are 2 types of successes on Exploratory voyages:

If you are the first to the island the boat owner gets the 1:1 Tribe Elder and 2 spores, everyone else on the boat gets 2 Spores*
If you find the island but are not the first, everyone receives 2 spores (including the boat owner)


This means you do not find an island but you do not lose your $WOOD


You do not find the island and you lose your $WOOD to the pirates (This $WOOD is kept aside for Pirates, further details to follow).

Surf power

Surfboards also have an effect on the success of a voyage. Each voyage can have 3 surfboard slots. Sailors can equip these if they own them.

1 surfboard on a boat trip decreases failure by 25%

2 surfboards on a boat trip increases success by 8%

3 surfboards on a boat trip increases success by 25%

To equip your surfboard to your Mindfolk go to the Kingdom homepage > Menu > Surfboards. Boat Owners cannot equip surfboards. Sailors need to equip them.

All 10 islands are discoverable on the first day - The boats that were completed first (04/04/2022) will be the first to sail, the rest may sail on the day following launch. This does not mean all 10 will be found on the first day as some may fail.

Renting & Evolution


Up to 4 Mindfolk can occupy a cabin, any Mindfolk in this cabin yields double the amount of $WOOD. The cabin owner can rent spots out for an amount of $WOOD according to offers received from other Mindfolk (between 4 and 6 $WOOD). Elder spirits belong to the forest and cannot live in a cabin.


The spores obtained on successful boat voyages take 45 days to evolve. The process of evolution is reset every time the spore is listed. If a spore is placed inside a cabin, the spore will take only 10 days to evolve at 100 $WOOD per spore. The 100 $WOOD is paid to the cabin owner where the spore is housed, up front. Cabin owners do not pay for their own spores to be placed in their cabins for fast evolution.

How-to guide

Include the video you made with:
1. Deposit 100 $WOOD for each spore in the bank at the Kingdom
2. Click the dropdown menu and select cabins. Click Coppice Kingdom and select a cabin with available rooms (You may search for a cabin by name if you are looking for a specific cabin)
3. Click the + sign on an empty spot in the room
4. Select "Spores"
5: Click your Spore
6: Click "House"
7: Wait for 10 days.


Pirates bring chaos to the existing order, they belong to the sea and the sea belongs within them. Through brutal initiation they will take their ranks and be rewarded for their position in their crew. Nothing comes easy but failure is far and few between. They prey off those lost at sea and take from those that sleep deep without caution. Their missions are simple.

Pirates will have access to voyages once they have completed their initiation. These will be Pirate specific pillage missions. What they receive and their cool down periods are determined by their role.


Works non-stop, knows all the knots and all the right spots. Unfortunately not regarded high enough to enjoy their fair share of the loot and often undervalued. However, they are always up to the task and always getting their hands covered with splinters and grime.

Deckhands do not require any cooldown between pillages, but only receive the base level of loot.

First mate

Takes the biggest share of the loot, always on their toes and always looking to pinch more than they deserve. However, they often get caught in the bustle and tend to over cook their spend at shore. Too much rum and too much fun results in time away from pillaging.

First mates require a full pillage cool down period, however they received double the loot.

Rewards are paid in $WOOD, raffle tickets and treasure. There is mystery beyond understanding. So much to be found in the open seas and beyond the Coppice Kingdom horizon. The pirates go off map at will, disregarding danger or convention. Mission costs (TBA)

How do surfboards effect pillaging:

3 surfboards = 12 hour duration
2 surfboards = 24 hours
1 surfboard = 36 hours
0 surfboards = 48 hours